Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Good days, Bad days.

Good days, Bad days.

It's up to me. If they be offering,
A ray of joy or something other than.
Good days sunshine!

The wind is up, the leaves are blowing,
A sight of you, can't leave me knowing.
Bad days raining!

The lights are on, and I feel love again,
You smile so free my heart is tumbling.
Good days sunshine!

It's like the bell, the noise is deafening,
The hole is deep my world is crashing in.
Bad days raining!

The chance to fly, is something very clear,
A love for life is moving very near.
Good day sunshine!

The sound of fear, is on my mind again,
So close to you but all I feel is pain.
Bad day raining!
Bad day raining!

It's nice to know, how we live with fun,
I give my heart a chance you'll be the one.
Good day sunshine!
Love refining!

The wave of joy, is downward tumbling,
A deja-vu of loss is letting fear back in.
Bad days rising!
Bad ways calling!

The fall is great, I'll not get up again,
The damage done I can't escape the pain.
Bad days timing!
Bad days rhyming!

It's like a flood, where I am drowning,
A type of joke performed by clowning.
Bad days feeling!
Bad ways healing!

The vice is tight, yet I lift up ahead,
There's something more before I'm really dead.
Good days calling!
Good days calling!

The light is bright, and I feel warm inside,
A place to love where I'll not have to hide.
Good days sunshine!
Good days are mine!

It's like a drug, that feeds my appetite,
I'm holding you and every things perfect like.
Good day my way!
Good day today!