Sunday, December 22, 2013

Opportunity Knocks.

Opportunity Knocks.

Emotional man who loved the world,
Could fall so hard
In between the rugged rocks.
Light of the world shone true
Upon the softly mortal,
Learning the school of hard knocks.

What is in the plan for life
Subservient to this law,
Now holds me in limbo.
Discouraged as I had been before
My spirit returns alive,
To remind me I'm a dimbo.

Shaggy mane of provocative joy,
Behold the passion on
Which my life is a journey.
If I fail to breathe responsively
In the face of beauty,
My life will end upon a gurney.

Called to a mission of love,
Where I could become
Exempt from pain or pass.
Not in my lifetime or hers
I now understand it,
Will I meet a sexier lass.

Forgotten the trial and tribulation
Of yesterdays open wound,
Erased so easily now I find.
Lost in the presence of beauty
Unlike any other one,
Caught watching all that behind.

See now a beacon for new hope,
Held not to account
But in the arms of fair maiden.
Dreams follow on as a reminder,
The breast is alive
And a heart loves to be laden.