Monday, December 02, 2013

I go weak in the presence of beauty.

I go weak in the presence of beauty.

Whoops a daisy.
Flutter, butter, mutter,
All at once
My mouth gone dry,
Here the chance
Of real love I spy,
Someone cute,
With my little eye.

Pitter patter, pitter patter.
Hazy, crazy, she's amazing.
Legs go weak
My heart is aching,
Slow motion rhythm
These hands are shaking,
Pulls the rug
An earthquake making.

Sands of time,
Flipping, tripping, whipping, slipping.
Toll the bell
My reserve she's ripping,
Bold as brass
To my core goes gripping,
Heaven help me
In golden love she's dripping.

A vortex spinning,
Soundless, boundless, countless, careless.
The damage done
My sole-full eyes do weep,
For her touch
Has cut so very deep,
Take me always
My heart yours to keep.

Angelic chorus,
Pure, cure, lure, endure.
Mystical soul train
My command she's drumming,
Her wicked potion
Are my senses numbing,
And only focus
She is fast becoming.

Stardust flakes,
Define, combine, refine, all mine.
Held in rapture
My dreams take flight,
Her pretty eyes
Have held me right,
Before such beauty
I fell weak tonight....

J x