Wednesday, January 29, 2014



The craving
Has become intense.
Wanting, longing,
All of these
Arouse my giant
To stir the flow of power.

Did you
Observe this fawning?
My foolishness
Was not composed
When I took this course,
Leading into uncharted waters.

Wanting to
Touch you deeply.
Has become painful,
The cruellest
Type of surrender,
In my arms I found beauty.

Come closer
Wrap your legs
Around my neck.
Squeeze me gently
Rock me wildly
Urge me on to the edge.

No control
Any more for abandon.
Writhing on silk,
Palpitating in earnest
Approaching the rewards
Where beauty becomes explosion.

Hold on
To this frenzy.
Ride up into heaven
Where the 2nd coming
Awaits your desperate
And frantic collapse beneath me.

Move quickly
And taste Nirvana.
Steal kisses
From my hungry mouth,
The same shall
Consume every part of you.

Tongue flicking
We writhe in harmony.
Abandon calls
A devil to redeem,
Where slick bodies
Entwine before the graceful fall.

Sated forever
Until the morning.
Where passion
Once more awakens,
To reveal consensus
That lovers make much of time!