Saturday, December 28, 2013

Yuletide Solstice.

Yuletide Solstice.

O'er all the land
A darkness races,
Claiming victory of fear in men.
Daunted by the
Prospects of shortage,
They cower beneath the moon, when.

Taste of light
Will remain haunting,
For a festive season brightly lit.
Sense of foreboding
Of troubles coming,
Captivates my attention I admit.

Cold the night
Stars will shine,
Filling heart with mirth and joy.
Blessings for love
Of always hoping,
Upon the god who became a boy.

Land of freedom
Cannot bring peace,
Until our selfishness will have end.
Or until desire
To be different,
Is what our honour shall defend.

Man and woman
Children of love,
Know I love thee endlessly on.
Believe in doing
What can be done,
Fill our world again with pass-i-on.

Push out darkness
Praise only light,
Make fear flee this solstice time.
Live better lives
Of sharing friendship,
Make peace on earth, yours and mine...!!