Sunday, November 03, 2013

Squeeze me please..!

Squeeze me please..!

I'm a peach,
so squeeze me please,
hold my hand,
show me how you tease.
Found a love,
as sweet to hold,
keep me vibrant,
until time grows old.

Pinch a tweak,
that playful young gesture,
having to know,
my eyes have undressed her.
Playful in passion,
we move on desire,
burning her body,
I ignite with a fire.

Critical the point,
I may not yet return,
arriving to heaven,
if I'd ever learn.
She knew how,
to drive my joy insane,
thrusting her hand,
upon my throbbing vein.

Emancipate the mystery,
that comes in your eyes,
show me surrender,
'neath the lofty blue skies.
Stay here forever,
I taste your sweet heart,
joining in frenzy,
where we're squeezing apart.

You are a peach,
that quench..ed my thirst,
always a pleasure,
to make you be first.
Smothered in craving,
to be your true man,
shook me alive,
be the best that I can.

Sharing a moment,
where power came within,
are we naughty,
did we commit a sin?
Demon of virtue,
ensconced in my bed,
squeeze me again,
once more till I'm dead....!