Sunday, November 10, 2013



inside silence is chaos,
dull thudding of fear,
why have all my sorrows,
suddenly gotten clear?

Two by two
they all come inside,
no still body rests,
yet by my side.

Tide of rising change,
something always secure,
a wish I hold aloft,
someone my own, pure.

Filled by dread
of what this loneliness,
could ever do to me.
Then I spy the island,
and paradise to see.

Swallowed by the current,
down to deep abyss.
Gone the ethereal bounty,
a vision safe to kiss.

Gasping I for oxygen,
to fill lungs bleeding raw.
Here again comes fantasy,
gliding through this door.

Fettered by a mystery,
why I'd stayed alone.
Fingers raw from wagging,
and bitten to the bone.

Fever lost for sightlessness,
it came my way,
and I left the race.
Now I want resurrection,
to see her smiling face.

Its far too much,
to ask of her,
to be alone tonight.
Even though I'd cherish,
a pound of flesh to fight.

God knows my pain,
for he executes me now,
woulds't that I lack honour,
and break a sullen vow.

Share my heart
again to the raging sea.
Floundering beneath desire,
where she and I could be.

The bottom calls me,
from the highest highs.
I'm bursting to grasp,
those creamy thighs.

Bedecked with all finery,
of love to be secure.
Wisps of hair and
cotton blouse undone,
is too much to endure.

The spoils of her riches,
take my breath away.
I'm a defo gonner,
what else can I say?

As I land on cushions,
plumped of soft allure.
Dare me yet to offer,
something less than pure.

Nineteen are, summers seen,
to build the love of grace.
Take me now forever,
I fall flat upon my face.....