Saturday, November 30, 2013

Que Tienes Hacer.

Que Tienes Hacer.

So, once again,
my head is in the clouds.
A light, a love, a call,
to be the best of men,
a man possessed,
but not consumed of,
the passionate fields of love.

Soul flies free,
some way off the earth.
A hope, a clue, a chance,
to fall in love and live,
a man possessed,
fulfilled by this fire,
the desire to be held again.

Soft and gentle,
I see her eyes do shine.
A look, a smile, a kiss,
to drive me into heaven,
a man possessed,
to be loved by you,
the angel of Spanish dreams.

Spoken the words,
could save my mortal soul.
A pain, a doubt, a cure,
to prove me once mentally sane,
a man possessed,
but not beyond hope,
to have the joy you share.

Something begins today,
and you know, 'what you must do'.
A note, a tone, a response,
to bait the fire in me,
a man possessed,
but who's owned by you,
Senorita who knows my worth.