Sunday, November 17, 2013

Is might right?

Is might right?

The tragedy begins,
as so often is the case,
a body bathed in blood,
desperation deeply lines a face.

A terrible injustice,
that needs to be resolved,
crimes of lovers' torrid passions,
that are dying never solved.

Woes bloody destiny,
that proves a mindless state,
actions done without remorse,
and an ending scarred by hate.

A foetid tale,
of how bad, love sometimes lets,
a replication of the divisiveness,
brings redemption that hatefulness be-gets.

The blinding light,
of jealousy that flashes forth,
stealing reason from a milder one,
has brought a disaster without worth.

Lost in madness,
to be right, right, right...!
have we forgotten the reason,
and of what truth we fight..?

In Shakespeare's tales,
we were aptly forewarned,
to be - or - not to be selfish,
nor with our egos adorned.

Is might right..?
we'd do well to review.
Or could we be stronger still..?
Let our world try something new.....!