Saturday, November 30, 2013

So make an effort.!

So make an effort.!

It's not rocket science,
to be well,
you have to exercise,
and eat,
and be aware of how,
things are.

Life is not that hard,
or complicated,
unless we make it so,
and mess around,
and be nothing of more,
than this.

Doing something of value,
anything in fact,
needs to follow a path,
of truth,
and be kept in place,
by action.

Rewards do not come,
to the lazy,
despite what you have seen,
and heard,
and be available to them,
for free.

To have life to enjoy,
you must love,
and challenge the status quo,
by giving, sharing,
and be an example now,
of abundance.

Please make an effort,
to live peace,
to create a passionate world,
to know hope,
and be the light of change,
everyone wishes to see.!