Friday, November 01, 2013

It's just me..!

It's just me..!

So you don't like
The way I rock and roll,
Well that's just fine
And dandy, you're
Obviously not my goal.

I always give honesty,
And show my faults, warts 'n' all,
So nothing's left hidden,
Deceit that could
Begin a downward final fall.

I'm not given often,
To pretend to be something else,
Just being me
Myself and I, unique
Not a regular off the shelf.

You may not like,
Everything that you hear or see,
But isn't this better,
Than a fiction,
A fraud of what I'd be?

Maybe it's about time,
For you to accept this truth,
We're not getting younger,
And isn't this wisdom
Saner, than the doubts of youth?

Worry not for me,
I'm not really hurt that much,
I pray you remember
The times of shared joy,
And the peaceful man you'd touch.