Monday, November 25, 2013

Courage to be Daring.

Courage to be Daring.

In all things emotive,
The law of love will
Reign supreme.
Gift me as a warrior,
Supported always in how
I'm following my dream.

Strike the iron
Whilst the fire burns hot,
Test my metal
Show the world and fear,
Just what courage I've got.

Dare to be different,
Face down hate with a
Sword of love.
Let light beam out,
Vanquish darkness and deceit,
Use gentleness like a dove.

Venture out,
And walk the path of truth,
Don't let them see despair,
Praise the simplistic innocence
Of your youth.

Stand for something grand,
Not a good for nothing
Lying sinner.
Strive to be more daring,
If you'd be recorded as
Life's winner.

Walk, talk and
Act with utmost decency,
For this, the way the brave
Prove that they understand, how
To use loves frequency.

Courage to be Daring.

The above song is a tribute to John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono.
We love you John. R.I.P.