Friday, June 07, 2013

Watching From Afar.

     Watching From Afar.

When something,
So beautiful exists,
Who would say they,
Do not want to look more?

Given eyes and soul,
To receive the beauty bright,
What evil would we say,
Would not cherish wanting more?

Doubts to who
You are, where you belong,
With whom you reveal all,
Are keeping me contemplating more.

Filled with wonderment,
To see your sweet eyes shine,
More of them than is healthy,
Hoping one day you'd be mine.

Cold is winter,
Summer lost without you near,
Golden are my opportunities few,
To be able to observe you more.

Fond of prettiness,
Where beauty is not only seen,
Deep I sense your beauty hid,
Where only dedicated eyes know more.

Pretending I don't see,
So much of the attractiveness here,
I count my blessings to endure,
The pain that's watching you still more.

You should know,
What my heart craves to touch,
Tho' I doubt I'll ever be able to say,
I adore you so very much...!