Friday, June 28, 2013

How Should I Feel ?

I really should have asked,
I guess I knew the story.
If I had spoken sooner maybe,
This ending would have been in glory.

Disappointed ?
Perhaps a note of that,
Yet all my dreams of you,
Are fallen into the chasm,
Where hope fled the coop.

It is the divine comedy,
Working through my life.
Where I made welcomed plans,
To find and win a wife.

Despondent ?
Not really, though I crave,
The days when a love comes,
Helping me to share more light,
The very heart of wanting you.

In a way I understand,
How love could show desire.
Then blow me off my feet,
Scorched by an unrequited fire.

Annoyed ?
Of course that would be futile,
The comings of a travesty,
Are not under my control,
Only mine, the waiting room.

Could my time be served,
If all I did was crave you?
I bless the day I noticed,
How bright the world I knew.

Grieved ?
No, for I love you still,
Despite accepting I'll not hold you,
As the lover I could be,
When life is lived for you and me.