Saturday, June 29, 2013

And If She Asks Me Why?

And If She Asks Me Why?

Deep below the ancient glades,
A tale that love had forbade,
Some understanding lost to time,
Where once we danced, she were mine.

All of this void, I now live,
Is the tomb of despair, separations give,
Summertime elapsed into the ether,
Where tragedy means, I'll not see her.

Laughing as if life depends on how,
Fun was to fill us with a sacred vow,
Closer than slippers by our comfy bed,
Were the heartbeats within, pumping the red.

Nothing greater could have taken me away,
To feed my spirits, forever and a day,
She was the wind caressing, leaving trace,
The last good smile, to ever grace my face....

Inspired by.
Castles in the air, Don Mclean.