Saturday, June 29, 2013



The melody fills my mind,
Soul talking to angels,
And a moment of grace,
Reveals to me the words.

Written from a dream,
Almost serene, I seem.
Power fills from within,
And all I do is write.

Transferring mind to page,
Takes not an age,
Nor I, a real sage,
Spitting love out in rage.

Wanting to fill the void,
Of peace upon our world,
So say a line or two,
To make things, less blue.

Finding an underlying clue,
Of sentiments forever true,
Hold the hand and heart of you,
Better than I ever knew.

Filmed in every powerful way,
Light comes up and out,
It has no place else to stay,
Life of mine, the roundabout.

Captured in the haze of pen,
Fighting for the hope of men.
Women too, we sing as one,
Save the world we live upon.

Dire would be, nothing said,
A lazy tune that fills my head.
Try to rhyme a line with bread,
Something sweet before I'm dead..!

One of my own, written by Ben Jammin' and Peaceful Warrior.