Friday, June 28, 2013

What counts as love ?

Who is free from love?
The smile of this one is,
Too good to be true,
Eyes way too blue,
Sets aflame the heart of you.

The peace in children,
Innocent and so full of joy,
Could we yet try to sample,
Their energy, far more than ample,
This lustre for life, our example.

Such happiness that flows,
Comes after recognising what matters,
Not focusing on everything bad,
Or the reasons to be sad,
Nor things we wish we had.

Love is a graceful resource,
We must share it of course.
Seek new ways to be caring,
Build bridges with our daring,
And a rich passion for sharing.

Let our motives bring harmony,
To fill our world with peace.
Shine the light of grace,
Love evident on every face,
We are one, human-race.

Everything done for one another,
Is the evidence of our love.
What we say and we do,
In equality for me and for you,
Is from love that is true.