Friday, June 28, 2013

When I Looked.

When I Looked.

Isolated incidents,
cause me matters of concern,
somewhere I have rigormortis,
for a moment in wild romance.
Good to be confined to you,
for all I saw was natural,
in my heart a potent beat,
to reveal what love could spell.

Veritable incidents,
of ways I'd known to feel alive,
became the norm in breathing in,
where you have graced this soil.
Take me up to the heights of joy,
where few shall live in peace,
and call me from my lethargy.
To remake the dance of romance.

Profitable incidents,
were all my eyes would see,
the day you walked into my life,
many devils cast themselves away.
Party like it's the festive tide,
and merry make on holy ground,
nothing stirs to ruin my dream,
and now you'll show me how.

Intimate incidents,
come close to revealing happiness,
always drank in large tankards full,
with a sound of piping hullabaloo.
When I looked towards the sky,
I saw your face on clouds,
talked of life and love once more,
you stood out from heavens crowds.