Monday, April 23, 2012

Lara Gribble Voice of young wisdom

Lara Gribble
Voice of young wisdom

'Twas mid Friday evening,
On the Mayo drive-time show.
Up pops a caller to ask,
For a song to add to the flow.

A bright little button,
Who really knew how to chat.
She replied in a manner,
That knew nothing of flat.

Recalling the days schooling,
She'd been making some stamps.
Featuring the founders of Rome,
Before heading out to a dance.

But what caught our attentions,
Was the way that she spoke.
Eloquent, thoughtful and totally light,
A sense of wonder, she could evoke.

When asked by Simon the host,
About friends from her class,
She revealed to us all, about
The trials of Lewis in a plaster cast.

Despite the broken arm mending,
His stamps had been the best.
She sang out his praises,
With a youthful, sweet zest.

The lilt of her voice,
Was just so pleasant to hear.
With an almost hypnotic tone,
Her conversation delivered so clear.

I'm sure the whole country,
Would agree with this pearl.
She brought a smile to our faces,
Telling us all, of her world.

And raised the mood of our weekends,
Choosing Billie Jean as her song.
What a credit to her parents,
With her pleasant manner so strong.

So let's bring her back on,
Correspondent to the Radio 2 arts.
Every week on Friday drive-time,
Would be a suitable start...

With the views of a child,
At our heart strings she'd nibble.
Bringing restored faith to our nation,
You are a joy, Lara Gribble......

and the drive-time crew.
Open link to listen again and scroll to 1:06:45 to hear her on the show. 

Please note the picture is not Lara, just a chosen image until perhaps I could add the real Lara , star of the show, with her parents consents