Sunday, April 08, 2012

To Suffer These Yearnings

To Suffer These Yearnings

Crumble 'neath the weight of pressure,
Solid is a day of light.
Hope for a destiny to relieve me,
Is leaving me the will to fight.

On a cloud of dazzling sunshine,
Straight you flew into my place.
Commotion in a tiny flat-let,
Brought new emotion to my face.

And then, just like that,
Before the evening came and left.
You stole my heart alive,
Became a most amazing theft.

How timid had been my approach,
I stumbled to collect my words.
But gazing deeply, pools of azure,
Took my thoughts onto other worlds.

Palatable the love between us,
Known in that instant glance.
Here on in I wait a signal,
Share with you that endless dance.

Grief not to lose you,
Has been the worst-est fear.
Did my pure romantic yearnings,
Call out to you becoming clear ?

Another day would only hurt me,
Yet choice is really out of hands.
Listen if you hear my yearnings,
Let it end in joy with golden bands.

And all my days be overflowing,
Full of love and lust for you.
Take me to that flowing river,
Wider than the Danube blue...