Thursday, April 05, 2012

Find a Solution

Find a Solution

I woke up with toothache,
This morning's going to be hell.
If I drink whiskey and smile,
Maybe no-one could be able to tell.
The bills have slipped through,
And sit glaring on my welcome mat.
If I hide behind the new sofa,
It's a start, what d'ya think of that ?

The earth is crying out for mercy,
From the recklessness we create.
So lets all go on luxury holidays,
Rather than enter into this debate.
World economies are all about to crash,
Because behind the promises, there's no love.
Let's pretend we're not all that greedy,
And we're so saintly, pure as a dove.

Since the dawn of endless time,
We have conquered, robbed and raped.
Why change the habits of a lifetime,
Or deny our military honours draped...
For with the power of force,
We have taken all we sought.
What matter that others suffered loss,
For stupid ideologies being fought.

A global mess is now evident,
In every aspect of mankind's ways.
Is it not time to act with care,
Before we reach the end of days ?
Come on everybody, white or black,
Take responsibility for what you've done.
If we cannot find a solution now,
All we care for will then be gone...!