Friday, April 06, 2012

Conflicting Reasons

Conflicting Reasons

The dream, oh yes
The passionate, romantic dream.

A spark, a look, a smile.
Left feeling I could run a mile.
Some flash of prolific magic,
A caress of my soul,
Yet never physically touched.

For a moment I fear,
There is far more happening here.
The awesome stirrings of Eros,
A flighted arrow finding me,
Sporting a winning smile.

But I still declare,
That more is somehow proof.

If you wanted me too,
Wouldn't love lead me to you ?
Sufficed the lack I felt,
All these years before I,
Knew the hope in your eyes.

A lesser woman wouldn't do,
How much devotion, I craved you.
To fill up all my blanks,
Provide each moment a meaning,
That was ultra specially rare.

When you knew nothing,
Of my old romantic dream.

But here in this moment,
Have I comprehended what you meant ?
What the smile was for,
Or how your innocent light,
Gave without expecting more.

Perhaps you desired nothing of,
A more romantic kind of love.
Some passion from a stranger,
Or the kind of caressing,
Given to an over active nature.

So still I declare,
I'd never felt more aware.

A chance to know delight,
Holding you throughout the night.
When searing heat could wane,
My exuberant wanting demanding,
That we play loves mating game.

All gone the resistance,
I admired here your persistence.
Fooling me amongst the rest,
That love and life together now,
You are definitely the very best....