Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chest a minute !

Chest a minute !

Come on girls, I know it's almost summer,
I could be the only guy to observe,
How fine and healthy, shapely are curves,
But is there not, yet more to preserve ?

Full and ripe, those fruit bowls on display,
Melons topped with shiny cherries, drooling arouse.
Drive men crazy, and cause a macho mele,
When it's all on show, for us to observe...

I may be denounced here, by all other men,
But wouldn't it be sweeter, to keep something back ?
Corralling the wayward, may be a tough task,
I wonder your message, as so tightly they pack.

Didn't your mother tell you, it's rude to point,
Or keep covered up, for fear of a chill ?
And avoid unwanted attentions, from ogling men,
Keep control of your puppies, or they'll overspill.


These modern day fabrics, highlight your shape,
Promote how you've developed, to enormous size.
They leave red blooded males, agog and agape,
And to add to the drama, are our bulging eyes...

But don't misunderstand me, I love what you are,
See deeper than the announcement, of your huge beauty.
I delight in the power, or even the somewhat bizarre,
I won't try to deny, that you're really a cutey...!!!

Yet some men desire more, what they cannot see,
Find cherished a protection of, your blessed virtue.
And reel at the mystery, waiting to be set free,
Discovering over time, how to know you not hurt you.

I want you to know me, and how I enjoy you,
Working hard to attain your heart, not your body only.
So we can be lovers, playmates, colleagues or friends,
Spending our time together, not just riding the pony.