Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So what if I am

So what if I am ?

Gay, the simplest term,
Of joyfulness, of finding fun.
Surely you don't think it,
Means I take it up the b......?

But even if I did declare,
My preferences as something new.
Does this end your love for me,
Will it really have offended you ?

You joke and often say to me,
You couldn't handle being told.
That news would break you,
Like, to the Devil I've been sold.

But is it fair or right to judge,
One man could not love another ?
Just like I love you too,
Though you are my brother.

Gay or Lesbian is not wrong,
Just because some say it's so.
Who choose words of loathing hatred,
You fag, you dike, you sad homo.

Are we not all free to choose,
The one we fancy in our bed ?
Without rearing up in homophobic anger,
To the point of wishing them all dead.

We're all human beings living,
Men and women, soul-mates loving.
Please don't look down on us,
With your righteous banners shoving.

I'm a child of god, like you,
Please won't you try to understand.
Don't rush to judge my choice,
I'm gay, so what if I am ?