Thursday, November 26, 2015

2 Souls

2 Souls

Across the vastness of space,
You are come to restore love
And happiness throughout this place,
With a spirit of imagination alive,
To plaster joy upon my tired face.

Breaking down the barriers of time,
I’m feeling the waves of peace.
Holding a place in your heart sublime,
Makes sparks fly deeper in mine,
You are come my reason,
                                      Am I your rhyme ?

Cast no shadow to love unfolding,
The power is in abundant hearts.
Restored to understanding the moulding,
Where soul mates come together again,
And celebrate the union that they are holding.

Awesome happiness is being found,
In arms of consolation full of grace,
And pleasures taken upon the mound,
Deep beyond the shadows of fear,
That’s come, an echo that makes no sound.

When we have known, love divine,
Two souls shall be as one.
And into peace they both resign,
Believing in a force stronger, more
Potent, than the everlastingness of time…..!