Thursday, November 26, 2015

Ministry of Muppets

Ministry of Muppets

The folly of the nation,
Is that we let this happen.
We’ve learned absolutely nothing,
When we keep these clowns
In the place where all seriousness,
Should be observed, and the comedy
Out on the streets of fun.

So blame only yourselves,
When this ministry of Muppets,
Tell you what you can do.
Feel the lack of wisdom gained,
When these foolish people, have
Not a clue to ease despair,
Because they just don’t really care!

We might just laugh,
If it weren’t so awfully sad,
Such comedy is well overrated,
But stupidity shall bore, a tad.
Creative accounting to balance books,
It’s a national joke, and worse
Much worse than it looks.

Democracy has died tonight,
The mood has soured oddly,
When Britain gave up its’ fight.
Five more years under toil,
To asses in suits and ties,
Five more years to have regret,
For all their bullshit lies.