Thursday, December 31, 2015

Back for good.

      Back for good.

Where have you been to my lovely?
I’ve missed your flair,
So fucking debonair!
Casual as any romance,
Lifted high to make
Tiny elfin feet dance,
On the space where love
And hope can come perchance?

Soul alive despite the wrench before,
Thank you for coming back,
Sorry I gave you the sack!
Now we’re talking once,
Twice, three times more,
No need to love ensconce,
Under covers dressed in black,
It’s good to see you, welcome back!

Across the desert sands you’ve come,
To support my weary hand,
So glad you understand!
Friends that lost touch,
Held in catatonia,
I’ve missed you oh so much,
And felt bereft, something missing,
Akin somehow to lovers kissing.

Thank you for being so understanding,
I’d let you down remanding,
Been so awfully demanding!
But you came home,
Behaved as if you’d
Believed and always known,
My heart rests with us together,
You’ll be my love now, and forever!