Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Dark Con of Man

The Dark Con of Man

So much suffering,
Hell bent on progress,
Don’t they know,
Or can’t they care less?

Fuelled in hatred,
This repetition is a lie,
Few really live,
But so many more die.

Rivers of blood,
Where the hope runs dry,
Sounds of violence,
Keeps their mantras high.

Riddled with evil,
They do not act from love,
Selling us short,
To the cliff they’ll shove.

Filling our minds,
Full of dreams of pleasure,
Making us think,
Not for ourselves, their measure.

Freedom, the utopia,
We shall never live to see,
Whilst we’d imaging
That we’re really free.

Held in chains,
To be bound by debt,
The delusion comes,
Under death and taxes set.

Keeping us busy,
Is the game they’re playing,
We don’t understand,
Any agendas that they’re weighing.

Fighting for peace,
Ain’t a war we’re winning,
Another sad distraction,
To the lies they’re spinning.

Hope has fled,
When we fall this way,
If we’d believe,
A damn word they say.

Love and peace,
Enemies of this eternal state,
Death by compliance,
Shall be our final fate.