Saturday, November 28, 2015

Into Something Good

Into Something Good

Does the rain love the pavements,
And are the bees sweet like my baby?
Should we hide the smile of love,
And should we, make love, just maybe?

Caution never failed to tempt us,
For we are craving a potent pleasure.
Under the drug of heavenly angels,
I’d like to slip in to get your measure.

Is it so wrong to adore your smile,
Or palpitate when you come near?
Could I lose the cool I’m holding,
When my eyes follow your shapely rear?

Beads of sweat collect in funny places,
When your eyes covet me, and me only.
Heartbeats skip and cloud my vision,
Tonight I feel, you’ll not be lonely.

Snuggled in a bed of scented roses,
Hot and lithe ferocious temptress.
Calling me to understand the amazing,
As I drool, whilst you undress.

Are we ready to find Nirvana,
In throws of passion burned alive?
Did you know how much desire,
Could be consumed and yet survive?

My oh my, my lungs are craving,
Air to rush in and help me breath.
You are hotter than Hell eternal,
And more, much more than I’d believe….