Sunday, August 30, 2015

All White Hot

All White Hot

This heat is coming, suddenly
as a flare of light, white hot
and steamy on the crest of night,
where images of freedom to be
wild and abandoned must I fight.

She the Angel a delight of mine,
took me on the flames of passion,
to some more craft, besides the
fashion for a new unbridled ration,
keen to feel my hands on fire.

Shooting to the space of time,
where under me we'll know this
sensual bliss, forever with the passionate
kiss, be mine and let your eyes
of love with tenderness still shine.

Happiness came that beautiful night,
and under the strain of cotton,
my ardour had so much to fight,
the love that always felt alright,
imagined kisses, pressed lips of white.

Forced into surrender the easy way,
is where my energy flew right away,
tested beyond the norm of modesty,
your form is lithe, White hot, and
begging for me to fly your way.

Sticky mess like glue I'm stuck,
I want you badly, I can see
you also need a …. way to cool,
before we're lost in frenzied heat,
finding you was a stroke of luck...