Sunday, August 30, 2015

Green Campaign

      Green Campaign

Above the drumming of the rain,
I know the call to action rings,
peace and love are on the tongue,
and all the passion that this brings.

Warriors for change are we,
full of declarations to save mankind,
and in the policies and strategies,
we've honed, something new you'll find.

The planet can't go on this way,
or it will kill us all again,
we've made a mess we need to end,
and we need to accept the blame.

If we worked in harmony now,
we might save the chance to stay,
otherwise it's the curtain call,
on greed and selfishness we'll rue the day.

To tackle issues that we face,
is the only way we'll stop disaster,
let not apathy and selfishness be,
an ally, friend, nor your master.

Turn the tides with joyfulness,
breathe the light to heal us all,
go green in everything you do,
don't fear your actions as small.

Together we can restore some justice,
to be fair in all we stand to do,
honesty shall be the mighty sword,
and greed and lies will be run through.

Fight the fight as we have the power,
to be the change we wish to see,
green the way of the brave of heart,
shout green for you and me!!