Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Political Savvy

Political Savvy

As Titanic, your policies are sinking.
Her designers missed a flaw,
In the mechanics of metallurgy.
Your designs miss the insight,
Of what the country has need.

Oh grand political Titanic ship,
Can you not give way to sail,
Or pass swiftly in these straits ?
Allow the illusion of your might,
Give way to the peoples fight.

The unsinkable Titanic vessel yaws,
Showing up way beyond applause,
Revealing all our human flaws.
How rich, powerful and greedy folk,
Have made corruption into a joke.

Titanic owners couldn't see it,
The speed at which she sank.
Today the house of commons too,
Ignore the people that they serve,
And only self do they preserve.

Titanic banks are sinking too,
Beneath the corrupt icy waters.
Soon to be lost to sense,
Because they fail, to observe,
They have got nothing in reserve.

Eerily like Titanic's final moments,
Our politicians keep playing this tune.
Instead of preparing to abandon ship,
Find life craft of a size to fit,
They're still feeding us, their old bullshit...