Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Colossal Stupidity

Colossal Stupidity

Posh boys taking silver spoon,
Of course they know budgeting.
'A' Level dons, top of class,
Could saw and hammer all day long.

Born leaders in their pinstriped suits,
Eton or Oxbridge college clubs.
Prepared for greatness to come,
Diverting the truth with such ease.

They mock the honest working folk,
Make insidious suggestions to boot.
Assume they have all the answers,
Whilst our nation crumbles in ruins.

But I am not fooled at all,
My eyes see clearly the lies.
And democracy is about to implode,
Beneath their impossible, colossal stupidity.

 Well done to the bold and brave
MID Beds MP Nadine Dorries