Thursday, May 31, 2012

If You Were Here

If You Were Here

For the longest time,
I have wondered what you'd say,
And what you'd do, if you were here.

For several generations of time,
You had become revered,
A local hero gone global.

For the love of peace,
You, my old friend,
Suffered more than many men.

For true loves passion,
You imagined a world shared,
And lived for this happy dream.

For this reason too,
You were senselessly slain down,
By a cowardly madman deranged.

For what have we learned,
In this cruel and stupid
Act of insipid hatred ?

For no more I guess,
Than to see how you,
Live life beyond your grave.

For the little children,
Who's weeping eyes still flow,
Despite your attempts to show.

For the travesty of injustice,
Keeping them and us struggling,
To hope in a better world.

For the powers that be,
To ignore our woeful cries,
You had protested on our behalf.

For a chance to create,
A life more sane, more fair,
Where peace and love we'd share.

For I wonder, John,
What would you make of it,
Of our hollow intentions ?

For the lack of vision,
With which we still act,
Bound by ancient theology.

For the love of peace,
That you had dared to dream,
I for one, concur.

For us to give, peace a chance,
A conscious shift, to advance,
And be the change we wish to see !