Monday, May 14, 2012

For the Love of You

For the Love of You

Nothing I wouldn't do,
Is always loves true virtue.
But there are plenty of no's,
Things I wouldn't,
Mustn't, couldn't, shouldn't do....

If I take your hand,
Pretend that I made you mine,
I declare I'll love no other.
But how can this be such ?
It's just so double Dutch,
And doesn't sit well in my guts.

For love is like an endless cake,
Doesn't lessen, the more that you partake.
It flows like honey, sweet and pure,
Is really all that can endure.

Sometimes we'll feel so overawed,
Or by your beauty, become floored.
Taste delight to know your scent,
Feel the grace, being with you meant.

So there are things I wouldn't do,
But my love shall, remain yet true.
To honour all you'd caused within,
And soak your light and spirit in.

Being in love, is a whirlwind,
But love I can never rescind.
Though romantic love is overrated,
Sometimes goes stale, becomes outdated.

And so I strive to be,
Loving you yet remaining free,
To kiss and smile yet more.
Rather than become a helpless shmuck,
And fail before eternal luck,
Where love end, in an unholy ruck.....!!!