Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Iron Lion

Iron Lion

Oh how the people weep.
For the extinguished light.
But never ever did you,
fail us, or give up the fight.

A briefest of time,
you graced this mortal coil.
And yet somehow even beyond,
you are walking deftly upon our soil.

A voice that roared,
with a mighty spiritual power.
Talking peace and loving harmony,
until your last sacred hour.

High on the mount Zion,
we still hear your perfect peace.
You took us to a place of hope,
where eternal love can never cease.

I sadly never knew you,
or shook your hand with love.
I wonder would you speak,
share the secrets from above.

Your people never forget,
just what you'd meant to them.
A Ras-tafarian peoples hero,
in our spirits Bob, you live again.

A mystery you took so ill,
but bravely fought to live.
The legacy you leave behind,
shows the tremendous spirit that you give.

I consider you my brother,
feel the love that drove you on.
In this spirit of love you proved,
how our race could all be one...

One love....

This is my tribute to a great man of peace.

Go and watch Marley the movie soon and you too will learn just what a wonderful spirit Bob Marley was/is and will be forever.

6 February 1945 – 11 May 1981

Also see web entry @ peacefulwarrior.eu.