Friday, February 19, 2016



Spells cast by Devadamsa reach
Far out beyond the waking dreams.
Called to light ‘neath starry skies,
Holding onto, what all this means…

Dazed by innocence, plied a drug,
As if I’d had a fighting chance.
Fallen for the resonance of an angel,
Kept alive by the need to share her dance…

Fool I’ll be or just one moment,
Shared in staring into her eyes.
Heaven knew what it was doing,
Creating such beauty beneath the skies…

Tall and supple all god’s graces,
Full of hope to see the day.
Feeling good beside her presence,
And wishing to god she’d walk my way…

Lofty thoughts could lose a moment,
Watching how her framing beauty sways,
Firm are notions to behold her,
These spells are holding all my gaze…

Knees gone weak, buckled resolves,
To commit not sin and love ignore.
But as I watch as you are moving,
I’ll never forget perfection that I saw…

Rich indeed I’ve been to hold her,
Grateful to the spirit of her smile.
Always will I find this beauty,
And with her shall I spend a while…