Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Destinies Law.

Destinies Law.

The closer one gets,
to revealing his destiny,
the more that destiny,
becomes his true reason for being.

Intuition comes when bathed,
in the soul of the world.
Destiny seems so obvious,
when the heart is wide open.

Obstacles are not problems,
merely hurdles to overcome.
Watch out for the omens,
see where your feet will tread.

Do not fear the unknown,
nor losing what you possess.
Your personal life story and mine,
entwined, written by the same hand.

Destiny happens in the present moment,
it is the language of the world.
Be open to the adventures,
and give praise that you're alive.

It is the act of moving forward,
never returning to whence you came.
Loud and clear, hear the message,
do not doubt your way ahead.

Despite all the random choices,
know in your soul that you are loved.
Pay close attention to the omens,
live the life you want to have.

Special thanks to Paulo Coelho's,