Tuesday, April 23, 2013

So Hypocrites devour.

  So Hypocrites devour.

There are words of love,
And others of hatefulness and envy.
They called you blind,
As they wore their robes of travesty.
In the night they plotted,
Darkness to shame you brother.
Tho' in honesty you lived,
And died with freedom on your tongue.

You fought to bring decency,
Into the arena of men.
Some hated even your smile,
For they feared, what you gave.
Intelligence has left them,
Squandered on a deceitful ideal.
Sadness took the place of light,
You had done your level best.

They knew nothing of joy,
You created pure magic, friend.
Music was your medium,
To evoke the peace of all.
A lifetime gone too early,
You'd have showed a million more.
What love could do to strangers,

It was all about the timing,
Now we know, what you'd done.
Every action has a season,
And a reason to be known.
A bullet stole your life force,
But your spirit lives forever on.
Your honesty a legacy to peace,
And a victory proudly won.

'JohnLennon, Peoples Hero, Peacemaker.'