Monday, April 01, 2013

Face Facts.

             Face Facts.

You're ugly, old, bald
And fat. You smell like cabbage,
Why are you surprised, eh?

That you've got no life,
Or got no pretty lover,
Or that everything you wear,
Was picked out by your mother.

Something passed you by,
Whilst you dreamed of life,
But put no time in,
To actually living in the now...
No one's gonna blame you,
You do that well enough,
Just try to see the reason,
Why I'm giving you this shove.

Cold hard facts,
That's what I'm dealing with.
Is there something aching
Inside you to change,
To become your own salvation?

So please everyone,
Anyone who believes they
Are one of the above.
Take heart, take steps,
Choose life..!

Nothing is beyond you, if
Effecting change is called for.
Smile, breathe, hope, dream.
And resolve to be the one,
Who lights your world again.

No vegetables were harmed during the writing of this above folly.