Friday, April 19, 2013



There is something enchanting
about your smile.
I alone see the crease
of the eyes that shine forth.
Where perfection meets reality,
a soul sees out into
the open room of my heart.

Tiny nuances of the light,
playing on soft fleshy cheeks,
and in my heart a flutter.
A hope that your smile,
your thoughts,
are also coveting me.

Wild is the air of love,
passing across sultry lips aglow,
tenderly filling me with joy.
A welcome invitation to kiss,
a heartbeat I'll miss,
if I shall not know.

Smoothly you glide inside,
to places a moonbeam cannot reach.
Yet here on the light,
an intoxication you invite,
rising from the depths of,
loneliness that had kept me.

You have purged my half truth,
where once I had expired.
Something now is stirring me,
as the train of passion grows.
Did you sense the love I thought
to hold you in my arms?

Provocatively you walk my way,
to create a fainting resolve.
God alone could know my pain,
that your presence yet could solve.
I'd just like to tell you openly,
you're the world where I revolve...