Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Where Attention Goes Energy Flows.

Where Attention Goes Energy Flows.

Streams of colour flow,
And on the wind my affections go.
Some elixir of the kind I'd know,
Are stirring me, way down below.

Half asleep I see a dream,
Of what the light of love could mean.
And where we share a running stream,
Of waters pure and joy so clean.

Destined for a true romance,
I keep a check on my advance.
'Cos here before me a likely chance,
I spy a hope, in the way you glance.

Prove me worthy to receive,
All the love my dreams perceive.
Where you and I cannot deceive,
The force of energy that we believe.

In your eyes I read,
A message so crisp I ought to heed.
Where my spirit comes home to feed,
Rewarding all fountains from that seed.

Told a story fond of beauty,
Where finding it becomes my duty.
This passion draws me to be fruity,
In the arms of desire, such a cutey.

Bold as I am to be comely,
And luxuriate in light of all I see.
Where what I chose will come to me,
And angel hearts shall set me free.

There is a hope ahead,
On roads that will follow where I tread.
So I can cherish what is said,
Of the beautiful thoughts inside my head.