Monday, April 22, 2013

Deep Down Inside.

      Deep Down Inside.

Oceans roll over,
And below a deep blue tide,
Something stirs,
A noise, an echo inside.
Quench my ardour,
For I have grown to a size,
Passion moves,
As I pull energy into your eyes.

Forces of nature,
Deep below the surface of skin,
Laughter escapes,
As your wanton spirit rushes in.
Have to hold,
How the beauty manifests my smile,
Rising forcefully,
For this passion cannot me beguile.

Torrents of love,
Escape from this long last well,
Burning joy,
My nose loves the way you smell.
Dampen not hope,
For the days we'll have to share,
Living boldly,
Where my heart will know your care.

Wells running over,
How the light has caught my eye,
Darkness deserted,
Where no clouds obscure the sky.
Darling sweet lover,
Let me give you what I've held,
Purest devotion,
To a glory gift that's mine beheld.