Sunday, December 23, 2012

Simpler Days.

Simpler Days.

As I turned to speak,
the music played.
Once again it came,
I swam in the comfort,
of a thousand ways of love.
Matt crooned into my ears,
I cried, lonely tears.

And as I turned to smile,
the music played.
Overcoming my every fear,
settled me into better ways,
of knowing how love could be.
His soft and gentle voice,
laid before me, only choice.

And as I turned to dance,
the music played.
I knew only the lightest touch,
of how your body felt,
and how good you smelt.
My arms held onto you,
spirit becoming forever new.

And as I turned to leave,
the music played.
My mind was lifted so high,
in only thoughts for you,
and all this love for two.
I am forever lost here,
days spent, loving you dear.

And as I turn to wave,
the music played.
For what could ever last,
my tears have come again,
belief against hope of pain.
As I leave you there,
golden sunlight reflected, in your hair.