Monday, December 03, 2012

Saint I Ain't.

Saint I Ain't.

My path is not,
Clearly marked,
Defined, straight lined,
Besides; I don't mind.
For doing what is,
Feels right,
Will be its own reward.
Of it I don't,
Get bored.

To be,
A better man,
Doing only what,
I can, no plan,
I give a damn.
Showing myself,
Others too,
It's possible to be,
Ultimately happy.

For I know,
Healthy glow,
Comes from way below,
As and when,
I let my love flow.
And this will,
Be my aim,
Much more than,
Winning any fame.

As true as true,
Can be,
My hopes to see,
So much love,
Always and forever free.
Shared with you,
And me,
Tenderly, so perfectly,
Love that perfect be....