Sunday, December 16, 2012

Festival of light.

Festival of light.

Cloth covering face,
Darkness a disgrace,
When light is gone,
Shedding no hope upon.

So call the sun,
To restore some fun,
Bring light to live,
Renewed energy to give.

High upon the mount,
We deftly cavort about,
And worship her deity,
Blessing all, her gaiety.

Deep mid winter,
Light barely a splinter,
Raising the eternal dawn,
Where we be reborn.

Icy cold winds blow,
Nothing stirs or grows,
But we have burning need,
Our hungry bellies to feed.

A haunted wasteland creeps,
New brilliance, beneath sleeps,
To push a nexus boom,
Far out into this room.

No-one can yet deny,
Oh how hard I try,
To fill up from within,
The spirit this light's givin'.

Go no more away,
Be my guardian stay,
To illuminate, I'll pray,
Your light return each day.

'Queen of my heart.'