Monday, December 03, 2012

Left Handed Love.

Left Handed Love.

Where the mattress cries,
I remember a heart, the sun.
A mouth a hand and fun,
That once reached the skies.

Fondly I would hold you,
Share the bath, tap end,
Believe you were my best friend,
And that I held a lover true.

Art was your finest talent,
Besides the way you felt.
That sweet way you smelt,
And what loving you had meant.

I have never known before,
Crazy and such passionate love.
That took me to the clouds above,
And you'd wonder why I'd crave more ?

Sweet flower, scented and so rare,
I miss you, do you know ?
Have you also missed that glow,
That came from everything we'd share ?

If I could turn back time,
I'd change nothing at all.
So in love we'd fall,
Remembering when you were mine.

The light of my every day,
I have never forgotten you.
And the amazing things you'd do,
The season you came to stay.