Tuesday, December 11, 2012



Coming back here,
Was it fate, was it luck ?
To be taken so high,
In one instant moment.
One moment of choral grace,
As my eyes settled,
Upon your perfect face.

Coming in here,
Today at this quiet hour,
And feeling the power move,
Me, in a thousand ways.
Some old, some never seen,
Beholding the awesomeness,
That you have now been.

Coming up where,
That light should be known,
And where my heart leapt,
As if I'd found that golden dream.
I see something, quite unique,
Drawing me to dance,
For beauty to make me speak.

Coming once again,
To places I had been,
Long lost hopes of love,
Called into life of passions flame.
You couldn't have known,
This burning deep within,
To let these seeds be sown.

Coming full force,
This vision of future days,
Lost, my reason to withhold,
From being at your beckon call.
I would have the world divine,
Once upon forever time,
If you say that you'd be mine...