Sunday, December 23, 2012

Driving You Mad.

Driving You Mad.

Bureaucratic bullshit,
Designed to drive us all mad.
It's not big and it's not clever,
No wonder so many are driven bad.
The whole bloody fiasco,
Organised to save money and time.
But is it really working,
When sense of worth is undermined ?

Call this number first,
No do it all on-line.
Go back to the beginning,
We just want to waste your time.
As if being jobless,
Is not traumatic and stressful enough.
Let the government run you ragged,
Their bureaucratic bullshit is all a bluff.

Realise you're just a number,
You have no intrinsic value here.
The implementation of their policies,
Is enough to send us almost queer.
Get off your arse,
And find a well paid job.
Use you 'A' levels and 'Doctorates',
Become a cleaner, and shut your gob...!

This fabricated, false reality,
Is the product of twisted minds.
Ruled by a bunch of idiots,
It's like the blind leading the blind.
But don't complain at all,
They're doing this for our own good.
Pushing people to the brink of suicide,
Go on jump, you know you should.”

For all of the agencies that are caught up in creating this virus.
Well done and thank you.....