Monday, December 03, 2012

Between The Contradictions.

Between The Contradictions.

As day follows night,
My soul sees the fight.
To be a warrior of light,
And also full of shite.

I can be anything I choose,
And missing the important news.
Called forth from doldrum blues,
Yet dance hip-hop in my shoes.

As night follows day,
I can be candidly gay.
Or I could be, blown away,
Doing nothing where I lay.

I am filled with greed,
To be sharing love indeed.
And let my pain be freed,
By searching what my soul has need.

As love opposes hate,
My actions prove me great.
Or they a liar me state,
Upon your judgement I shall wait.

I know no finer truth,
Yet I hang before the proof.
To be as I was in youth,
And not this way aloof.

As hate opposes love,
I have scorned the sky above.
And told life to take a shove,
Though it's peace is as a dove.

I kissed my love at school,
And became the perfect fool.
Where I'll never follow rule,
Freedom is a bitter duel.